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Multi-functional Egg Tray Machine – Various Sizes of Egg Trays
24/30 egg trays, 6/10/12/18 egg cartons can be made with Beston egg tray machines. If you want to make other shapes of paper packaging products, contact us. We will customize it for you.
Raw Materials To Make Paper Egg Trays
  • Waste cartons
  • Waste books
  • Waste newspapers
  • Waste paper boxes
  • Book scraps
  • Recycled egg trays
  • Other waste paper materials
Main Egg Tray Making Machine Model
Egg tray machine is used to make paper egg trays. The capacity of egg tray forming machine can reach 800-6500pcs. Ask the egg tray plant price now!
  • BTF1-3 1000pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • BTF1-4 1500 Egg Tray Machine
  • BTF3-4 2000pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • BTF4-4 2500pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • BTF4-8 3500-4500pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • BTF5-8 5000-5500pcs Egg Tray Machine
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Egg Tray Dryer Of Beston Egg Tray Machine
  • Brick Drying Line
  • Metal Drying Line
3D Layout of Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale
About Beston Company
Beston Group Co., Ltd.
Beston Company, a professional China manufacturer, was founded in 2013. We are specialized in manufacturing various models of egg tray machines. Through years of innovation and upgrading, the machines fully satisfy the most customers’ demands. At present, Beston has been taking the leading role in the global paper packaging machinery industry. Turning waste paper into money is a profitable and eco-friendly business chance. Beston aims at providing superior and high-tech products for customers from all over the world. We are looking forward to cooperating with you! Get egg tray manufacturing machine price list from Beston now!
  • 8+
    Years’ Manufacturing Experience
  • 300+
    Skilled Workers
  • 60+
    Export Countries
  • 1000+
    Customers’ Choice
Why Choose Beston Egg Tray Machinery
  • Superior Quality
    Beston adopts 304 stainless steel to make the main engine template, slurry tank, roof, internal pipes, etc. The machine has been tested for thousands of times. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed.
  • Continuous Updating and Upgrading
    like six-layer metal drying line of Beston, it meets the most energy-saving industry standard. Every technical upgrade will bring the machine higher level performa nce. Paying attention to the technology upgrade is the principle of Beston Company.
  • Customized Services For All Customers
    Customized molds: egg tray mold,egg carton mold, apple tray mold, coffee tray mold, shoe supporting tray mold, bottle tray mould, industry packaging tray mould are available for you.
    · Customized motor and PLC; · Aluminum mould;
    · Automatic egg tray receptor; · Hot press machine;
    · Pulp refine system; · Automatic cleaning
  • Short Delivery Time
    45 workdays (standard configuration); 60 workdays (custom configuration)
    Note: the actual delivery time depends on the paper egg tray machine model and egg tray drying line that you choose.
  • Perfect Installation Service
    Installation engineers: they have got all kinds of mechanical certificates and bachelor’s degree. They are good at English. So, there is no communication barriers.
  • Installation time
    25 workdays (no dryer); 45 workdays (with dryer);
    Online installation service and on-site installation service are available for you to choose.
Working Process Of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
  • Pulping Process
    The waste papers will be put into the hydraulic pulper. Under the power of water, the waste paper will be smas-hed into rough pulp. Then, the rough pulp will flow into homogenization pool for refining by the pulp beater. Meanwhile, the concentration of the pulp will be adjusted well.Next, the pulp will flow into finished pulp pool to supply plup to forming machine.
  • Molding Process
    Under the suction power of vacuum pump, the pulp will be adsorbed up on molds to form paper egg trays. Under the blowing force of air compressor, the formed egg tray will be blowed off from the molds to enter next process – drying process.
  • Drying Process
    It basically involves drying the wet semi-finished products by using egg tray drying line. Good dying process can minimize poorly-formed trays. There are metal and brick egg tray drying line.
  • Packing Process
    After drying, the egg trays will be stacked by packing machine. The purpose of stacking is for saving space to reduce transportation cost.
Make Various Paper Packaging Products- Choose Beston
Change the mold, the machine can be used to make apple trays, egg cartons, coffee cup trays, shoe support tray, bottle tray, seeding tray, industry packaging tray, and so on. Contact Beston to make what you want!