The 3 Manufacturing Steps Of Pulp Moulding Machine

With the development of transportation industry, a large quantity of foods and goods need to be conveyed. When we convey them, we should protect them from collision, moist. So, some egg trays, apple trays, bottle trays are becoming popular in the packaging industry. More and more people begin to invest pulp molding machine.

Our molded pulp products is the new packaging materials in recent years. The manufacturing process of egg trays machine is raw materials pulping, mold forming, drying. Then, I will introduce them detailedly.

automatic egg tray making amchine

First, it is the raw materials pulping. We put the waste paper, water and additive into pulping system. The waste paper can be newspaper, waste box, waste notebook and so on. It is easy to get them. The additives are glue and pigment. Adding glue can be waterproof. You can add pigment to make your favorite color.

Secondly, in the mold forming process, you can change the mold to make paper trays of different shapes, such as egg tray, apple tray, bottle tray, shoe tray.

Thirdly, after pulping, the paper trays are wet. You need paper egg tray drying line to dry them. The automatic egg tray machine can dry them automatically. The semi automatic pulp molding machine needs people to convey the paper trays to drying room with cart.

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