Analysis for The Additives Of Paper Egg Tray

During the manufacturing process of paper egg tray, manufacturer would like to add some kinds of additives that can make egg tray have more functions. The common additives would be discussed in this article.

Firstly, enhancer. In order to increase the intensity of paper egg tray, enhancer is a good choice. It can enlarge hardness of 2-3 times. Adding it, the paper egg tray can not be damaged easily.

Secondly, waterproof additive. When we transport and use paper egg tray, paper egg tray can get soggy. If we add waterproof additive when making egg tray, egg tray can be waterproof. It is very convenient for using in our daily life.


Thirdly, pigment. For satisfying different demands of customers, pigment is widely used in producing process. We can make colorful paper egg trays with pigment.

These are the main additives. Also, you can add preservatives, oil-proofing agent, etc. All of them are harmless and environmental friendly.

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