Analysis for Development Situation Of Pulp Molding Machine Abroad

Currently, paper making has became an international big industry. All kinds of papers and paper products have entered the life of people. The pulp molding products have developed very well under the circumstance. The pulp molding industry of some developed countries have more than 80 years history. At present, the pulp molding industry of many countries has a certain scale, such as France, America, Japan, Canada, England, Denmark, Singapore, Holland and so on. In America, the using paper of pulp molding products is basically waste paper. Every year, there are 45 million pounds waster paper for recycling every year. From 1994, it will increase 40% per year. In 2000, it has increased to 81 million pounds. From 1989, America has approximately 600 factories to produce paper, paperboard and some related products. Among the factories, there are 200 factories use the waste paper as the raw materials. Other 300 factories use 50% waste paper in the production process. The market has a huge demand for pulp molding package.

pulp egg tray making machine

The pulp molding machine of our factory has many types for sale. With pulp moulding machine, you can make many paper products, such as egg trays, apple trays, egg cartons through changing the mould. It is no wonder that the pulp egg tray making machine is excellent and worthy of investing.

From our analysis for the situation of pulp molding products, I believe that you may have a comprehensive understanding of egg tray making machine. If you are interested in it, contact us!

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