The Application Methods of Egg Tray Mould

The egg tray mould is a kind of forming mould that is placed on egg tray machine. The eggs have different sizes. In order to make appropriate egg tray, the mould should be designed in the light of the size of eggs. Good egg tray mould is capable of guaranteeing egg tray quality and reducing defective percentage.

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It is a normal phenomenon that egg tray mould can be wear and tear in the process of application. In daily life, you should pay more attention to maintaining it.

Firstly, before install egg tray mould, you should clean its surface.

Secondly, make sure egg tray mould can be installed in the main engine correctly. Meanwhile, you should adjust it to optimum location.

Thirdly, in the using process, you should make sure activity range of workers.

Fourthly, when you find some abnormal noise, you should stop its operation. After eliminating trouble, you can start to use it again.

Finally, the raw material of egg tray is paper pulp. The mould may be tainted with some paper pulp in the running. You should clean on time to decrease its dissipation.

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