automatic egg tray machine

Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Automatic egg tray machine is used to make paper egg trays. With fully automatic operation process, you can make 4000-6000pcs egg trays per hour. Therefore, you will make a great deal of money through investing the high productivity automatic egg tray making machine. Catch the business chance to turn waste paper into wealth. BTF-5-8 and BTF-5-12 are the main models for sale. Contact Beston Machinery to obtain competitive price list and one-stop service now!

4000-5000pcs Automatic Egg Tray Machine

5000-6000pcs Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Models Output per hour(pieces) Mould quantity Total power(kw) Paper consumed per hour(kg) Worker(persons)
BTF-5-8 4000-5000pcs 40units 150 425  5-7
BTF-5-12 5000-6000pcs 60units 153 459  5-7

Deliver Egg Tray Machine to Cote d’Ivoire

Here, you can see the delivery pictures of BTF-4-8 to Cote d’Ivoire. It is one of our customers who come from Cote d’Ivoire. According to customers’ needs, we sent our professional engineers to help them to install the whole egg tray production line. Meanwhile, our engineer teach them how to operate the machine. With the help of Beston engineer, Cote d’Ivoire customer began to produce egg trays with a short time and make great profits from egg tray manufacturing business. Do you want to make money? Contact us to learn more details about the project now!

BTF-4-8 Egg Tray Machine to Cote dIvoire
BTF-4-8 Egg Tray Machine to Cote dIvoire

Cote d'Ivoire Customer
Cote d’Ivoire Customer
Drying Line in Cote dIvoire
Drying Line in Cote dIvoire

Raw Materials That Used to Make Egg Trays

Waste paper is the main raw material for making paper egg trays. You can get waste paper with cheap cost easily. Used paper egg trays also can be recycled again to make new egg trays. So, it will greatly reduce manufacturing cost. If you are running a business related to waste paper, investing egg tray manufacturing business is absolutely promising! Meanwhile, if you have poultry farm, it is also a good choice for you.

  • waste paper
  • waste news paper
  • waste carton
Raw Material of Egg Tray
Raw Material of Egg Tray

Component Systems of Automatic Egg Tray Machine for Sale

For most of investors, you may don’t know the component systems of automatic egg tray equipment. When you have a better understanding of component systems, you may know the covering area, personnel allocation, production time, capital invest, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to know the three component systems.

Pulp System

The recycled paper like newsprint or corrugated carton will be put into the pulper. The machine will beat and smash recycled paper to a certain pulp consistency. Then, paper pulp from pulper will directly go to the pulp adjusting tank. Then the paper pulp is adjusted to ready pulp consistency.

Forming System

Forming system mainly contains mould. Wet paper pulp will be add into mould. Then,  though extrusion, paper pulp will be formed into egg trays.

Dryer System

Dryer system of fully automatic paper egg tray machine has two types. The brick egg tray drying line and and metal egg tray drying line (single layer dryer and multi-layer dryer) are supplied for you to choose. Wet paper egg trays should go through dryer tunnel to remove the excess water. The dried paper egg trays should be counted and stacked for packing at the end of the dryer. You can select fuel for dryer system according to your actual condition. Fuel can be diesel, or natural gas. Using diesel or natural gas is environmental friendly.

We have listed the three component systems as mentioned above. If you want to know more about fully automatic egg tray making machine, contact us, now!

automatic egg tray machine
automatic egg tray machine
BTF-5-8 Egg Tray Making Machine to Egypt

Features and Advantages:

  • The machine has high productivity, easy operation.
  • It has automatic egg tray drying line which can dry the wet egg trays automatically.
  • It is environmental friendly.
  • The machine has low investments and high returns.

Distinctive Characteristic of Automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Why we called it automatic egg tray machinery? Compared with the small egg tray machine for sale and semi automatic machine, it adopts the automatic egg tray drying line. With automatic egg tray drying line, the machine can achieve the fully automatic production process.

Like BTF-1-3, BTF-1-4, BTF-3-4, BTF-4-4 egg tray machine, they all can be equipped with automatic egg tray drying line. Then, you can dry the wet egg trays automatically. Certainly, you should consider the cost and your investment budget to choose the drying system. You can ask us to get the quotation.

Reasonable Automatic Egg Tray Machine Price for You

The price is different when you choose the different models and different drying systems. Here, i will analysis the egg tray making machine price for you.

BTF-1-3, BTF-1-4, BTF-3-4, BTF-4-4 are smaller machine among our all models. The prices of these machines are cheaper than BTF-4-8, BTF-5-8, BTF-5-12. You can equip automatic brick dryer for them to reach automatic manufacturing.

BTF-4-8, BTF-4-12, BTF-5-8, BTF-5-12 with metal egg tray dryer has higher price. Due to high productivity, higher price is equivalent. That means, these machines are worthy of purchasing absolutely.

You can choose what you need from the above machines. Certainly, if you have special requirements, you can also contact us. We would try our best to meet your demand.

Model BTF-1-3 BTF-1-4 BTF-3-4 BTF-4-4 BTF-4-8 BTF-5-8 BTF-5-12
Capacity(pieces/h) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000-4000 4000-5000 5000-6000
Forming mould quantity piece 3 4 12 16 32 40 60
Total power(kw) 34 41.2 53.7 57 90 150 153
Electricity consumption(kw/h)(70% of the total power) 23.8 28.84 37.59 39.9 63 105 107.1
Labor force 3-5 4-6 4-6 4-6 5-7 5-7 5-7
Materials consumption(kg/h) Paper 85 102 170 212 298 425 459
Water 255 306 510 636 894 1275 1377
Fuel consumption Coal 50 60 83 104 125 208 208
Natural gas 22-32 26-36 37-47 46-56 56-66 92-103 92-103
Diesel 18-28 22-32 30-40 38-48 46-56 77-87 77-87

Automatic egg tray machine also has another name- rotary egg tray making machine. Because it is a machine of rotary running. We are the professional one of the egg tray making machine suppliers. Because of high quality and perfect after-sales service, Beston Machinery is widely recognized by customers from all over the world. Many customers also have purchased our 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000pcs egg trays form us. If you want to buy our egg tray machine, tell us your requirements. We will customize the machine according to your demand. With our machine, you will earn a lot of money. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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