What Are the Characteristics of Pulp Molding Machine?

The pulp molding machine is an eco-friendly machine. The machine can make paper egg trays, apple trays, egg cartons and so on. The raw materials of them are paper products, such as waste newspaper, waste box, waste print products. At first, the machine can mix the raw materials and water to form a certain concentration of slurry. Then, the mould can make the slurry form some shapes of wet paper products. What’s more, the wet formed paper products should be dry to reduce the water.

The raw material of the paper egg trays is waste paper which is cheap and can collect from many places. In the production process of egg tray making machine, the water is close, recycling. So, there is no waste water and gas. The paper egg trays can be recycled like common waste paper. If you don’t reuse the paper egg trays, you throw them to natural environment. You don’t need to worry about polluting. The paper egg trays are easy for becoming putrid. They are absolute eco-friendly products.

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The fuel of drying can be diesel, coal and natural gas. You can choose the appropriate fuel according to the price of diesel, coal and gas.

The paper egg trays and apple trays have been used for more than 60 years. If you change the mould, the apple trays making machine can make apple trays. They have played an important role in packing of eggs and apples because of cheap price and good protective performance.

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