The Classification Of Egg Tray

Egg tray is very common in our daily life that is used to place eggs. The egg tray can protect eggs from collision. It is very safe to use egg tray. The egg tray can be divided into many types. Today, I would like to tell you something about the classification of egg tray. Each type has its own advantage.

From appearance, egg tray can place eggs of 12, 16, 30, etc. It has two types: 4*3 and 6*2. When you need to place a large quantity of eggs, you should choose to buy 30. Also, you can customize egg tray according to your requirement.


From, raw material, egg tray can be divided into paper egg tray and plastic egg tray. In some way, paper egg tray is more environmental friendly than plastic one. Now, we can add glue when manufacture egg trays to make sure its waterproof function. So, paper egg tray has wide application on the market.

Which type do you like? Paper egg tray making machine has many types for sale. You can choose one from our factory. We hope to give sincere service for you.

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