The Daily Maintenance of the Egg Tray Making Machine

The egg tray making machine is the machinery which can produce pulp egg tray used in the long-distance transport of eggs. The material of egg tray making machine is stainless steel. Generally speaking, the egg tray making machine does not rust. But, if it is used inappropriately or placed in a very hush environment, then it may rust. What’s more, the egg tray making machine is unavoidable to contact with water when it is operated. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the maintenance awareness of the egg tray making machine and do the maintenance work well.

egg trays making machines

If the egg tray making machine is used inappropriately, it may rust or be degummed. We should pay attention to the proper using methods to avoid these two phenomenon. If the condition of the machine is not too bad, we can wipe it off using a sponge or cloth which has been dipped in the mixed solution of alcohol, volatile oil, thinner, alcohol, toluene or acetone. In the process of pulp molding, the egg tray making machine will adsorb the pulp from the pulp pool. So the egg tray making machine needs to be washed to wash off the pulp residue, which not only maintains the cleanness of the machine but also keeps the machine from the wear due to pulp residue. During the cleaning of the pulp moulding machines, we should avoid using hard steel wire ball, chemical agent or steel brush. We had better use the soft tower, soft cloth or neutral detergent. Otherwise, it will cause scratches or erosion.

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