How To Distinguish Wet Press And Dry Press During Making Egg Trays Process?

There are two ways to press egg trays, such as wet press and dry press. When people choose egg trays, they couldn’t know how to distinguish. As professional egg tray machine manufacturer, we would like to share some tips with you.

In fact, we can find some difference between them. They have different surface texture. We can tell them from these aspects:

Firstly, appearance: egg trays of wet press have smooth appearance. While, egg trays of dry press have poor hand feeling. If you touch egg trays of dry press, you will certainly find them very rough, very thorn in hand!

Secondly, raw material: egg trays of wet press adopts high quality paper. The egg trays of dry press may adopt leftover material of paper carton.

Thirdly, forming shape: wet press belongs to direct thermal forming. Dry press is pressing after dry under the sun. They have different production process.

Fourthly, egg trays of wet press are harder than egg trays of dry press.

The above are tips for distinguish wet press and dry press for making egg trays.

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