The Effect of Pulp Concentration In The Production Process Of Egg Tray Production Line

In the working process of egg tray machine, pulp concentration affects the quality of egg tray product directly. Low pulp concentration makes product have low strength, become worn and breakage. High pulp concentration can add the weight of egg tray product. Both of pulp concentration can increase the production cost.

Manually control pulp concentration has poor accuracy and slow response speed. The automatic control is better than it. So, if you want to make egg trays in large batches, choose the automatic machine is wise for you. The automatic egg tray production line is very convenient for controlling concentration. You don’t need to be afraid of product quality.


The control system of our factory adopts advanced technology. The machine can adjust concentration automatically. Therefore, our egg tray machine has accuracy pulp concentration. The rate of production and finished products can reach and exceed the expected goal. The egg tray machine can fulfill the manufacturing demand completely.

Beston Machinery has engaged in manufacturing egg tray production line for many years. We have rich experience in controlling pulp concentration. We hope to provide you more details about paper egg tray making machine price.

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