The Egg Tray Making Machine With Intelligence Function

To realize the intelligence of packaging machinery is the ultimate aim of packaging machinery industry. The egg tray making machine is the representative machine among this industry. The modern machinery has some common properties: high efficiency, mechanization, high automatic degree, etc. Under the market competition environment, fierce competition can impel packaging industry to innovate continuously. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. We should move forward with advanced technology and fine product.

The development of egg tray machine presents automatic process. At the beginning, we can just make manual egg tray machine that can produce 1000-1500 pcs egg trays per hour. Then, we are able to manufacture semi automatic and automatic egg tray machine. The capacity can reach 2000-7000 pcs per hour. What a great process!


In the whole development process of egg tray machinery, we bring in advanced technology from all over the world. Meanwhile, we research and development a new type of egg tray machine with special characteristic.

The advantage of new type egg tray machine:
The machines have many visual humanization functions. The egg tray machines not only have strong working ability, but also have beautiful outer appearance. Meanwhile, they have safe function. We have special design for avoiding underlying hazards.

We also have apple tray making machine and egg carton making machine. If you want to start your business, contact us.

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