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An egg tray making machine is a set of huge equipment that is used to make egg trays for eggs. We Beston machine usually uses highly automated technology in the production process. The egg tray machines of our factory have reasonable price, high quality and high productivity. We have many types of egg tray making machine for sale, such as BTF-1-3, BTF-1-4, BTF-3-4, BTF-4-4, BTF-4-8, BTF-5-8 and BTF-4-12.

Egg Tray Machine


The egg tray making machine price is dependent on the capacity of the machine. We have manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic paper egg tray machines. The output can reach 1000-7500 pieces an hour. The different types of the machines have different technology and different devices. For example, the automatic egg tray making machine has automatic production process and high productivity. So it has higher price than the manual and semi automatic machine. You should choose the machine according to your capacity demand and investment budget.

1000pcs Egg Tray Machine
1000pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-1-3
Output per hour(pieces): 1000-1100
Mould quantity: 3 chunks
Total power(kw): 33
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 60
Pulper power(kw): 7.5

1500pcs Egg Tray Machine
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-1-4
Output per hour(pieces): 1500
Mould quantity:4chunks
Total power(kw):33
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 87
Pulper power(kw): 7.5

2000pcs Egg Tray Machine
2000pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-3-4
Output per hour(pieces):2000
Mould quantity: 12units
Total power(kw): 45
Paper consumed per hour(kg):120
Pulper power(kw): 7.5

2500pcs Egg Tray Machine
2500pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-4-4
Output per hour(pieces): 2200-2500
Mould quantity: 16units
Total power(kw): 65
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 110-175
Pulper power(kw): 7.5

3000-5000pcs Egg Tray Machine
3000-5000pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-4-8
Output per hour(pieces): 3000-5000
Mould quantity: 32 chunks
Total power(kw): 85
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 260-400
Pulper power(kw): 22
Drying system power(kw): 19

5000-7000pcs Egg Tray Machine
5000-7000pcs Egg Tray Machine
Model: BTF-5-8
Output per hour(pieces): 5000-7000
Mould quantity: 40 chunks
Total power(kw): 110
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 270-450
Pulper power(kw): 22
Drying system power(kw): 21

Other than this, the egg tray machine price also depends on whether it has good quality and long service life. When you buy a machine, you certainly will consider the price and quality of the machine. The paper egg tray making machine of good quality can save you cost and give you great benefits. So I believe you will choose the high quality machine with reasonable price.

Our egg tray machine can produce egg trays of a full range of sizes and various shapes. An egg tray is usually a square or rectangular shaped tray that is designed to hold and keep eggs in position in a case or a crate. This can be during shipping or storage. There are variant egg trays depending on capacity. Traditionally, a standard egg tray holds a total number of thirty-six eggs. However, there are other tray sizes. There are trays that hold a dozen eggs and others that hold half a dozen eggs. Also, if you change the mould, the machine can make egg cartons, so it also can be called egg carton making machine.

This is one of our regular customers – Algeria customer. He purchased egg tray machines from we Beston many times. Every time, we manufacture egg tray machine according to his requirements. Meanwhile, we delivery the machine at the prescribed time. When he needs help, we give a hand as soon as possible. Therefore, when he need to buy egg tray machine, he would like to purchase from us.

egg tray making machine in container
egg tray making machine in container

customers visiting us
customers visiting us


Models BTF-1-3 BTF-3-4 BTF-4-4 BTF-4-8 BTF-5-8
Output per hour(pieces) 1000-1100 2000 2200-2500 3000-5000 5000-7000
Mould quantity 3 chunks 12units 16units 32units 40units
Total power(kw) 33 45  65 85 110
Worker(persons) 3-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5
Paper consumed per hour(kg) 60 120 110-175 260-400 270-450
Vacuum pump(kw) 7.5 18 22 40 47
Pulper power(kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5 22 22
Drying system power(kw) 19 19 21

If you are interested in our machine, we will give you the most reasonable paper egg tray making machine price. The egg trays are produced by our machine has many advantages. You will never be regretted to choose our egg tray machine. Good packaging is an essential component. This is so because it helps in ensuring delivery of quality eggs to the final consumer. To achieve these, it means that the storage trays must ensure the protection of the eggs as well as keep them clean. Our machine can produce the egg trays with these functions, such as protection and keeping them clean.

The best egg tray making machine from our factory has best quality and good reputation. Contact us now! Catch the chance of fortunes quickly.

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