The Four Links Affecting Quality Of Egg Tray Products

For a egg tray manufacturers, making high quality egg tray is their ambition. We are professional egg tray machine manufacturer. We know how to use the egg tray machine to produce egg tray in large quantity and high quality.

The Four Links Affecting Quality Of Egg Tray Products:
Firstly, the mould is the first and key link in the egg tray production chain. In terms of the size and shape of mould, we can make different shapes of egg trays. So, we should absolutely be careful in the process of designing and manufacturing mould. If the mould has some wrong, we will not produce standard egg trays. We should pay more attention to select material and cast. Meanwhile, that’s why the mould has high price for a long time. The whole egg tray machine price of our factory is competitive.

best-egg-tray-making-machineSecondly, in the process of pulping link, it is easy for egg tray product without other additives and mixing. For needing additives and mixing, it is an important link. Because adding additives means that the common egg trays have new function, such as waterproof egg trays, colorful egg trays. Therefore, in order to make the egg trays have good and new function, you should be strict with the volume of additives. Pulping link is just you add additives and raw materials with a reasonable proportion.

Thirdly, molding link of pulp egg tray making machine is necessary and has played an important role in egg trays manufacturing process. The molding part mainly uses the suction of vacuum pump to absorb paper pulp and form egg trays. Too much suction would damage mould. Too small suction would make poor egg trays.

Fourthly, controlling its temperature to dry wet egg trays is the main work in the drying part. Superior design of dryer can make sure the perfect of egg trays.

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