General Introduction of Egg Tray Making Machine

The paper pulp moulding product line use the waste paper as raw material. Through the process of pulping, adding appropriate chemical raw material, making slurry and molding vacuum absorption, the pulp egg tray machine can produce many kinds of paper pulp moulding products.

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The paper pulp moulding product can be widely used in packing all kinds of commodity, such as eggs, fruits, bottles and cans, glass ceramic products, craft-works, small machinery, parts, electrons, electrical products, toys, etc. It is taking the place of EPS expanded plastic and corrugated paper backing step by step. It has good protection capacity and buffer ability. Also, it can save cost and is environmental friendly. The paper pulp moulding product can reduce the damage of commodity and promote packing grade. It is the typical packing product in green packing filed which can be recycled.

With the development of market economy and expanding of commodity circulation, the paper pulp moulding product will have a quick speed of development, wide prospect and strong vitality.

Our paper pulp moulding machine has good performance and easy operation. It can help you promote the working efficiency. If you want to know more about egg tray making machine, please contact us!

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