The Importance Of Egg Tray Mould

The egg tray mould is a important part of egg tray forming machine. The perfect coordination of mould and forming machine can guarantee the stable running of egg tray machine.

The egg tray mould is the forming mould on the main part of egg tray manufacturing machine china. Because eggs have a certain of size, we design the egg tray mould on the basis of the size of eggs. We can make sure that egg tray is fit for the size of eggs. Good quality egg tray mould can be designed and can guarantee the quality of egg tray. During the using process, egg tray mould may have some friction loss. So, when we should be careful and pay more attention to the maintenance of egg tray mould. We can reduce friction loss through maintenance daily. I would like to introduce some ways to maintain egg tray mould as the followings:


Firstly, before installing egg tray mould, you should clean its surface.

Secondly, you should adjust the position of egg tray mould. Put them on the appropriate position.

Thirdly, during running process, it is easy to get some paper pulp. So, you should clean egg tray mould on time to reduce loss.

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