An Introduction To Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

The paper egg tray making machine is used to produce paper egg trays. Paper egg trays can easily resolve and also can be recycled to new paper egg trays. So they are widely used in our daily life. Meanwhile, that plastic goods can not be easily decomposed which has caused great damage to environment. Decreasing white pollution is becoming the primary tasks for people. In our life, we use the paper to take place of plastic goods. Therefore, the paper egg trays making machines are becoming the great helper in order to achieve eco-friendly.

egg tray making machines from beston

Manual egg tray making machine is one kind of egg tray machines. From the name of it, we can know it is a small machine. Compared with other machines, the manual egg tray machine has simple structure, small and light, easy operation. The whole production of manual egg tray machine just needs 4-5 people. This kind of machine can produce egg trays 1000 pcs, 1500 pcs per hour. In the drying stage, you can choose to dry paper egg trays under the sun or dry them through brick egg tray drying line. We also have mental egg tray drying line. For manual machine, brick drying line is more appropriate. We also have egg carton making machine for sale, you can know more about it.

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