Beston Will Visit Indonesia In March, 2019

Goods news for Indonesia customers: From March 3 to March 11, 2019, The Project Manager and Engineer of Beston Machinery will fly to visit the Indonesia customers. Indonesia is one of our important markets. Through the visiting, we hope to know the demand of customers’ clearly and supply the products that suits to the local … Read more

Visiting India Customers From August 8 to August 15 – Beston

Good News for India Customers: From August 8 to August 15, we Beston Machinery is planning to visit our old customers and new India customers who would like to do egg tray manufacturing business. India is one of our important exporter countries. We have installed many sets of machines in India. This time, we hope … Read more

Is Hot Press Machine Important For Egg Tray Machine?

After drying, we can not make sure that all kinds of egg trays and pulp mould products produced by egg tray machine have the standard size. Therefore, we can use hot press machine to press the egg trays. Through pressing, we can promote the toughness and and strongness. And also, we can guarantee that the … Read more

How To Judge The Quality Of Egg Tray Making Machine?

When you plan to invest egg tray business, you should purchase a high quality of egg tray machine first. Many customers may don’t know how to judge the quality of egg tray machine. Beston would like to give some suggestions for you. Hope you learn more from this article. In the whole production line, the … Read more

How To Test and Maintain Egg Tray Machine?

Up to now, packaging machinery has been developing very fast. Packaging machinery industry is the most development potential industry. In order to catch up with the fast steps, we should improve product property and quality. As for paper pulp moulding industry, pulp moulding packaging has been accepted by many customers because of light weight, good … Read more

Egg Tray Making Machine Of Beston- Your Best Option

Egg tray making machine of Beston has drawn much attention among customers. The buyers of Beston speak highly of quality and service. Today, I would like to tell you the advantages of Beston egg tray machine. Beston has experienced sales and after-sales service team. In order to stand out, we come up with a much … Read more

What Should You Do When Egg Tray Machine Manufactures Egg Trays?

With the rising of egg products, we need more and more egg trays in daily life. We all know that egg trays are made by egg tray making machine. What should you do when egg tray machine manufactures egg trays? You may know very little. Today, I would like to introduce them. Manufacturing egg trays … Read more

The Maintenance Of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

The material of automatic egg tray machine is stainless steel. Generally, egg tray machine is not easy for rusting. If you use it improperly and can not maintain regularly, egg tray machine may rust. Enhancing the awareness of maintaining 6000pcs automatic egg tray machine is necessary in every working day. In the working process of … Read more

The Useful Paper Egg Tray Made By Egg Tray Machine

In the market, there are many kinds of eggs packaging. The paper egg tray is one of them that can protect eggs from crush. Is egg tray useful? Let us find something useful about egg tray and egg tray machine. The egg tray in the market is made by egg tray machine. Because of the … Read more