How Much Weight Can Paper Egg Tray Support?

With the development of “green, environmental friendly”, paper egg tray is becoming a new trend in packaging industry. How much weight can paper egg tray support? When you have a batch of eggs, you need egg trays to help you protect eggs from fragmentation. Commonly, egg tray has 30 holes and it can support 1000kg … Read more

The Importance Of Egg Tray Mould

The egg tray mould is a important part of egg tray forming machine. The perfect coordination of mould and forming machine can guarantee the stable running of egg tray machine. The egg tray mould is the forming mould on the main part of egg tray manufacturing machine china. Because eggs have a certain of size, … Read more

How To Choose Good Quality Egg Tray Machine?

When customers buy egg tray machine, they may feel confused to pick good quality egg tray making machine. Beston would like to give you some helpful tips as the followings: Firstly, when customer visit egg tray machine manufacture, customer can estimate the stability of egg tray machine from these aspects: vibration-free, noiseless, smoothing running, etc. … Read more

Analysis for The Additives Of Paper Egg Tray

During the manufacturing process of paper egg tray, manufacturer would like to add some kinds of additives that can make egg tray have more functions. The common additives would be discussed in this article. Firstly, enhancer. In order to increase the intensity of paper egg tray, enhancer is a good choice. It can enlarge hardness … Read more

The PLC of Egg Tray Machine

The programmable controller is a new generation of control device booming in the early 1980s. The PLC is the name of programmable controller. The PLC technology is used in many kinds of paper pulp molding equipment, especially in paper egg tray making machines. The modern PLC has simple structure, convenient program, superior performance. It is … Read more

The Egg Tray Making Machine With Intelligence Function

To realize the intelligence of packaging machinery is the ultimate aim of packaging machinery industry. The egg tray making machine is the representative machine among this industry. The modern machinery has some common properties: high efficiency, mechanization, high automatic degree, etc. Under the market competition environment, fierce competition can impel packaging industry to innovate continuously. … Read more

Typical Automatic Egg Tray Machine On The Market

The automatic egg tray machine is composed of three systems. First, it is pulp system. In pulping process, we put raw material into beater of pulp system. Through beating, we can get a certain concentration paper pulp. Second, with the forming system, paper pulp can form the shape what we want it to be. Third, … Read more

The Classification Of Egg Tray

Egg tray is very common in our daily life that is used to place eggs. The egg tray can protect eggs from collision. It is very safe to use egg tray. The egg tray can be divided into many types. Today, I would like to tell you something about the classification of egg tray. Each … Read more

The Application Methods of Egg Tray Mould

The egg tray mould is a kind of forming mould that is placed on egg tray machine. The eggs have different sizes. In order to make appropriate egg tray, the mould should be designed in the light of the size of eggs. Good egg tray mould is capable of guaranteeing egg tray quality and reducing … Read more