The Application Methods of Egg Tray Mould

The egg tray mould is a kind of forming mould that is placed on egg tray machine. The eggs have different sizes. In order to make appropriate egg tray, the mould should be designed in the light of the size of eggs. Good egg tray mould is capable of guaranteeing egg tray quality and reducing … Read more

The Four Links Affecting Quality Of Egg Tray Products

For a egg tray manufacturers, making high quality egg tray is their ambition. We are professional egg tray machine manufacturer. We know how to use the egg tray machine to produce egg tray in large quantity and high quality. The Four Links Affecting Quality Of Egg Tray Products: Firstly, the mould is the first and … Read more

The Particular Introduction To Egg Tray Drying Line

The egg tray drying line is used to dry wet finished egg trays. The egg tray drying line can be classified to two types, civil engineering brick egg tray dryer and metal egg tray dryer. The two types of egg tray dryer have their own characteristics and advantages. Through this article, I would like to … Read more

Special Steel Material For Egg Tray Machine

The egg tray machine is one part of machinery industry. The raw material of the machine usually adopts high quality finished steel. Our finished steel reaches the standard of national dedicated finished steel, which has high tensile property, high impact toughness and plasticity. With high quality steel, our paper egg tray machine has high quality … Read more

What are the Advantages of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

The paper egg tray making machine is used for processing and manufacturing egg tray. Do you know what’s the function of egg tray? Commonly, the egg tray is used for putting eggs and duck eggs. Its main function is shockproof which is convenient for conveying. There are many colors of egg tray, you can add … Read more

What is the Detailed Production Process of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

We know that the egg tray production process includes raw materials pulping, mold forming, drying(shaping), and packing in general. Today, I’d like to talk about detailed production process of egg trays machine. Firstly, the waste paper is put into hydrapulper to beat pulp around 4% consistency through vibrating screen and refiner. When the pulp becomes … Read more

The Daily Maintenance of the Egg Tray Making Machine

The egg tray making machine is the machinery which can produce pulp egg tray used in the long-distance transport of eggs. The material of egg tray making machine is stainless steel. Generally speaking, the egg tray making machine does not rust. But, if it is used inappropriately or placed in a very hush environment, then … Read more

General Introduction of Egg Tray Making Machine

The paper pulp moulding product line use the waste paper as raw material. Through the process of pulping, adding appropriate chemical raw material, making slurry and molding vacuum absorption, the pulp egg tray machine can produce many kinds of paper pulp moulding products. The paper pulp moulding product can be widely used in packing all … Read more

What’s the function of Paper Egg Carton Making Machine?

Do you know what’s the function of paper egg carton making machine? Today, I would like to talk about them with you. The egg is our daily food which can supply nutrition for our body. So the egg demand is vast. As we all know, the egg is fragile and a thin outer shell protects … Read more

The Introduction to 3000-5000 Pieces Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Our Beston Machinery has manual egg tray making machine, semi-automatic egg tray making machine, automatic egg tray making machine. Different types of egg tray making machines have different productions. Today, I would like to introduce the 3000-5000 pieces top pulp egg tray machine. The egg tray making machine is a machine which can be used … Read more