Special Steel Material For Egg Tray Machine

The egg tray machine is one part of machinery industry. The raw material of the machine usually adopts high quality finished steel. Our finished steel reaches the standard of national dedicated finished steel, which has high tensile property, high impact toughness and plasticity. With high quality steel, our paper egg tray machine has high quality and long service life time, etc. I would like to introduce the special steel material for the machine.

Categories of Finished Steel:
Firstly, shape steel. There are many types of shape steel. It is a kind of cross-section shape and dimensional solid strip steel. According to different cross-section shape, there are two types: simple and complex. The simple type contains: round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel, angle steel. The complex includes: joist steel, U-steel, casement section steel, figured steel, etc.


Secondly, steel plate. It is a kind of wide and thickness flat steel. Due to different thickness, there are three types: thin plate( thickness<4mm), medium plate( thickness 4-25mm) and thick plate( thickness>25mm).

Thirdly, steel tube. It is a hollow cross-section shape of strip steel. In terms of different cross-section shape, there are round tube, square tube, hexagonal tube, angle tube.

Fourthly, steel wire. The steel wire is a cold working product of wire rod. It has round steel wire, flat steel wire, triangle steel wire.

The superior raw material can guarantee high working efficiency, high product quality. We are a reliable manufacturer of manual egg tray machine, egg box making machine. and so on.

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