Apple Tray Making Machine Was Installed In Brazil

In Brazil, a set of Beston apple tray making machine was installed successfully. Currently, the apple tray making machine in Brazil has been working for a long time. Through regularly phone visiting, we know that our Brazil customer has made a lot of money from the business project.

Apple Tray Making Machine In Brazil

The paper apple tray making machine is used to make paper apple trays. Apple trays can separate the apples into individual packing. Therefore, apple trays can protect apple from collision during transporting. Meanwhile, in the supermarket, apples placed on the apple trays look more beautiful and tidy.

Apple Trays Made In Brazil
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Brazil Customers

In Brazil, there are varieties of delicious fruits. Fruits are eaten in three meals a day. They are served at breakfast. Also, fruits can be served as dessert right after lunch and dinner. Apple is a kind of important fruits. Apple trays are largely needed in Brazil. Apple trays manufacturing business has broad market space in Brazil.

Beston apple tray making machine in Brazil can make 2500pcs per hour. Paper apple tray can be degrade easily or recycled into new products. Therefore, paper apple trays are widely used in apple packing. We also provide egg tray making machine and egg crate machine. If you want to ask more questions about our machines, contact us.

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