Beston BTF3-4 Egg Tray Machine Installed in India

Congratulations to our Indian customer! The BTF3-4 paper egg tray machine was installed in India successfully! It can make 2000pcs paper egg trays per hour. The Indian customer chose to build a brick egg tray drying line for his project. After placing an order, we began to discuss the installation layout items. Through several communications, we had made a general installation layout for him according to his factory land area. It greatly saved the installation time. When the egg tray machinery arrived in India, the customer set about the installation at once. Here, you can see the picture and videos from India here:

2000pcs Egg Tray Machinery In India
BTF3-4 In India
Build Brick Drying Line In India
Installed in India 2021
BTF3-4 Egg Tray Machine Installed in India
BTF3-4 Egg Tray Machine Installed in India

Video of BTF3-4 Egg Tray Machine in India

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