Mali Customers Buy BTF-1-3 Small Egg Tray Machine

Good News: Mali Customers Place an Order Within 50 days

On May 15, 2018, Mali customers who are brothers and sisters, currently studying in China, placed on order to buy our BTF-1-3 small egg tray machine. On March 24, 2018, it was the the first time that they contacted we Beston Machinery.

Mali Customers
Mali Customers
Mali Customers Visit Our Factory
Mali Customers Visit Our Factory
Mali Customers Visit Working Scene
Mali Customers Visit Working Scene

In April, customers came to our factory and visited the working egg tray machine which had been working normally for more than 8 years. Through the visiting, they were satisfied with our machine and our factory. Meanwhile, we analyzed the manufacturing egg tray market. Then, they communicated with their parents. At last, they purchased the BTF-1-3 small egg tray machine from we Beston Machinery. In order to express their thanks, they wrote a letter for us. Here, you can see the picture of the letter:


Why Mali Customers Choose BTF-1-3 Small Egg Tray Machine?

1.Low Investment
It is the first time for their investing in the paper packing industry. When they want to buy the machine, they decided to spend rather low money in buying the machine. BTF-1-3 is a kind of manual egg tray making machine. It is the cheapest one among all models. Also, running the this machine just need three to four people. They don’t need to pay much money for hiring extra workers.

small egg tray machine
small egg tray machine

2.High Return
Making a great deal of money is the purpose for every business project. Investing the BTF-1-3 small egg tray machine also can bring you great benefits. Even though it is a kind of small machine, it can produce 1000 pcs egg trays per hour. If your work 10 hours per day, you can produce 10000 pcs egg trays. If you sell these produced egg trays, you can earn a lot of money. Certainly, if you use these egg trays for packing eggs, you can save a large amount of money.

3.BTF-1-3 small egg tray machine is fit for making egg trays at home. Our Mali customers don’t need to prepare a new big place for starting this business. It is so convenient for them. If you want to do small business at home, it is a wise choice to invest BTF-1-3 egg tray machine.

We Beston Machinery can customize small egg tray machine according to your demand. Commonly, our machine can make 30 holes egg trays. If you need, we can customize it for you. Also, you should know that our egg tray machine can make egg cartons, apple trays, shoe supports and other paper packing products. You just need to change the mould. Contact us, if you want to purchase the machine.

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