Typical Automatic Egg Tray Machine On The Market

The automatic egg tray machine is composed of three systems. First, it is pulp system. In pulping process, we put raw material into beater of pulp system. Through beating, we can get a certain concentration paper pulp. Second, with the forming system, paper pulp can form the shape what we want it to be. Third, after forming, the egg tray is wet. We should convey wet egg trays to drying system. In drying system, high temperature recycling can make wet egg trays become dry finished product. Then, we can pack them for sale. These are egg tray machine manufacturing process. The forming system plays an important role in whole production process.

There are three types of fully automatic egg tray making machines for sale on the market, such as cold and hot press non-transfer mode automatic machine, single hot press transfer mode automatic machine, combined hot press transfer mode automatic machine. They all have their own advantages. If you want to know the details, contact us. We can give you reasonable solution.

Automatic egg tray machine can make 5000-7000 egg trays per hour. If you have a large factory, you can choose it. Also, we have semi automatic and small paper tray machine for sale. Buy one from us now!

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