What’s the function of Paper Egg Carton Making Machine?

Do you know what’s the function of paper egg carton making machine? Today, I would like to talk about them with you.

The egg is our daily food which can supply nutrition for our body. So the egg demand is vast. As we all know, the egg is fragile and a thin outer shell protects its liquid center. Therefore, people begin to use the egg carton to protect the egg from frangibility. The egg carton can be seen commonly in the supermarket and our home. We put the egg into the egg carton to make sure the egg cannot be broken during the egg conveying process.

1500pcs egg carton making machine for sale

The egg carton is made by paper egg carton making machine. The paper egg carton making machine can be used to mix the raw materials of water, waste paper and additives to form egg carton. The egg carton manufacturing process is raw materials pulping – ingredients – mold forming – drying –packing. The egg carton making machine of our factory can produce egg tray 1000 pieces, 1500pieces, 2000pieces, 2500 pieces, 3000pieces, 4000pieces, 5000pieces, 6000pieces, 7000pieces, 7500pieces.

We Beston Machinery have many types of egg carton making machines, such as egg tray production lines, semi-automatic egg tray making machine, manual egg tray making machine, etc. If you are interested in our machine, contact us!

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