What’s the Output of Egg Tray Machine In an Hour?

The egg tray making machine is a sort of machine that is used to make egg trays. It is an marvelous egg tray machine which can turn waste paper to treasures- egg trays. When you have a good deal of waste paper, you can invest an egg tray machine. Or, if you are egg dealer, you can buy paper egg tray making machines to pack eggs. As we all know, the eggs are easy for breaking though they have eggshell. So, egg tray making machines are necessary for egg dealers.

The output is the key factor when you buy egg tray machine. For different scales of your business, you should choose the appropriate paper tray making machine. As the professional egg tray making machine manufacturer and supplier, we would like to analysis the output of egg tray manufacturing machine per hour.

paper egg tray making machine on sale

Our pulp egg tray making machine has three types in general, such as manual egg tray machine, semi automatic and full automatic egg tray making machine for sale.

For the type of manual machine, it is fit for small scale business. Due to its simple structure, it can produce 1000pcs, 1500pcs egg trays per hour. With small production, you don’t need egg tray drying line. You can put egg trays under the sun for drying. The egg tray production line is environmental friendly.

For semi automatic egg tray machines, they can make 2000-5000 pcs egg trays for an hour. It is not fit for drying egg trays in the sun. With brick and multi-layer egg trays drying line, you can dry the wet semi product perfectly.

For automatic egg tray machine, it can make 5500-7500 pcs egg trays in an hour. It’s better to use the metal multi-layer egg tray dryer. Only these, you will fulfill the big production.

Now, I believe you know the output of egg tray making machine clearly. When you choose the machine, you can buy one according the output. Hope to be helpful! If you want to know more, contact us!

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